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Labellise™ Astronaut Projector

Labellise™ Astronaut Projector

"Galactic Wonders at Your Fingertips"✨

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🌌 Details

What's in the box?

1 x Galaxy Astronaut Projector 
1 x Remote control
1 x USB cable length: 1 m

🌌 Benefits

1. Cosmic Escape: Immerse in a galaxy of wonder, transforming any space into a celestial haven.

2. Creativity Unleashed: Customize projections for a unique and personal touch, sparking imaginative journeys.

3. Relaxation Oasis: Foster a soothing ambiance, ideal for unwinding after a long day.

4. All-Age Appeal: Perfect for children and adults, blending fun and relaxation seamlessly.

5. Aesthetic Marvel: Elevate decor with enchanting visuals, adding a touch of whimsy to your surroundings.

🌌 Why Are We Special?

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  • "My GF crazy about it"

    It's her cosmic haven, adding magic and love to our space.
    Kevin.G - AU

  • "Love it"

    Seriously, it's like my room got a ticket to space! So cosmic and chill🪐
    Christine.A - US

  • "So cute"

    Even my pup's howling with excitement at the astronaut projector! 🐾
    Carly.R - CA

  • "Relaxing time"

    🛁Bath time upgraded with that! Ultimate relaxation in my own little galaxy.
    Ben.J - SE

  • "Easy to use"

    Lovely projector. 4yo use it to make her comfortable.
    Sofia.M - US

  • "Space X"

    Dreaming of being a astronaut. It's like my room is training for space adventures.
    Rose.P - AU

  • "Stylish"

    📸 Turning my space into a stylish cosmic backdrop for the perfect pics.
    Jennie.K - IE

  • "Fiery night"

    Turning my room into a fiery night sky! 🚀 Cozy vibes and cosmic adventures await.
    Liam.B - CA

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Galactic Dreams Come True

Transform any space into an adorable cosmic wonderland with our astronaut projector's cute and captivating galaxy projections.

  • Home Theater Upgrade

    Elevate movie nights or gaming sessions by turning your living room into a galactic theater, complete with stunning visuals and a touch of astronautic charm.

  • Themed Parties

    Add a unique and captivating element to parties or gatherings by using the projector to set the mood with cosmic visuals and a space-themed atmosphere.

  • Bedtime Bliss

    Transform your bedroom into a celestial haven by using the galaxy astronaut projector to create a soothing and mesmerizing bedtime ambiance.

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Home Sweet Home

"Banish stress with cosmic cuddles! Dive into enchanting projections for an adorable escape, turning your day's chaos into cosmic cuteness!"

Sensory Therapy

Explore the therapeutic potential of visual stimulation for individuals seeking sensory experiences, offering a unique and aesthetically pleasing way to engage the senses.


🌌 Can the galaxy astronaut projector be used outdoors?

While it's primarily designed for indoor use, you can use the projector in covered outdoor spaces to create a magical and starry atmosphere.

🌌 Can prolonged use of the galaxy astronaut projector cause eye strain?

No, when used as directed, the projector is designed to emit gentle light, minimizing the risk of eye strain. Take breaks and ensure proper lighting in the room.

🌌 Does the galaxy astronaut projector emit harmful blue light that may affect sleep patterns?

The projector is designed to emit a minimal amount of blue light, and many models offer adjustable settings to reduce blue light for evening use.

🌌 Are there age restrictions or health considerations for children using the galaxy astronaut projector?

The projector is generally safe for children, but parental discretion is advised. Adjust settings for optimal comfort, and monitor usage for younger users.

🌌 Is the galaxy astronaut projector suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere?

Absolutely! The projector can set a dreamy and romantic scene with its celestial projections, making it perfect for date nights or cozy evenings.

🌌 Can the galaxy astronaut projector be used as part of a relaxation routine for individuals with anxiety or stress disorders?

While not a medical device, the calming projections may contribute to relaxation. Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations.